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What are ways to add a PDF?

    Clicking the + button and selecting a PDF from your devices file system is the fastest way to add a PDF to PDF Office Pro. The built-in file system on your device can contain iCloud files in addition to local file. You can also Airdrop a PDF file and then select to open the file in PDF Office Pro.

How do I edit PDF text or image?

First open the PDF you’d like to edit the original text on. Then tap “Edit PDF.” Now tap the text or image you’d like to edit. When the selection has a blue around it, this mean the text can be dragged or resized. Tapping again on the text goes into text edit mode. Similarly for images, tap once to go into PDF image edit mode, the image will have a blue outline, you can then resize. Tapping again on the image brings up popup options such as replace, where you can then choose a photo in your Photo Library to replace it with. When you’re done editing, just tap ‘Done.’

How do I highlight text?
There are two ways to highlight text. The standard way is in Text mode, hold your finger down over text for 1 second and the text gets selected. From here in the popup options, you can tap “Highlight.” The more fun and fast way to highlight text is in the “Draw” mode. With your PDF open, navigate to the Draw mode, or on iPad/Mac select the Pencil in the toolbar, then press the Text highlight circle. Now if you drag your finger over text, whatever you dragged over will be highlighted. Dragging over the same text again unhighlights text. 

How do I invite someone to live collaborate with?

There are multiple ways to ‘Add People.’ The first thing to consider is do you just want to share one PDF or do you want to share a folder where later you can add items to the folder? If one PDF, open the PDF, navigate to the Share section, tap “Add People.” From here you can invite any iOS, iPadOS or Mac user. If you’d like to have a shared folder, click the … next to the a folder to show options. There you can click “Add People” and invite anyone on iOS, iPadOS or Mac.

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