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How do I use the app?

1) First, enjoy! Open a photo and click through the effects at the bottom. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard and go through all of them! As you are going through them, notice the filters on the right will show you how the effect was made. If there is a filter you like, click the ‘pin’ on the filter and that filter will now stay while going through all the effects.

2) Now that you’ve gone through all the effects, swipe to the very first effect and click “Current Effects.” This will show you all the filters you’ve pinned together. Now you need to ask yourself, is there a filter you want on just part of the photo? For example, you like how the vibrance filter filter makes the sky more blue, but you don’t like how it changes other parts of the image. If there is a filter you only want part of the photo to be used on, click the mask icon next to the pin. Now you can draw or erase which part of the photo you want the filter to used on.

3) If there is a filter you want to use, you can click the Filter button at the top and add an individual filter. 

4) Add text or shapes by clicking text/shape on the top right. Again, you can click the mask to only show the text/shape wherever you want. You can use this to make the illusion the text is behind the subject by using the erase mask brush on the text/shape.

5) Click Share and save as jpg! Also consider saving the file as a .fxp file, this means Photo AI can edit this photo later. If you save as a jpg and do not save as an .fxp file, you can’t see all the filters after closing the app.

How do I remove part of the image?

How the clone brush works like text “copy and paste”:

1) Click the scope and click on the image where you’d like to ‘copy’ from. Make sure it is similar to the area you want to remove.

2) Click the brush icon in the Clone Remove layer and now when you click on the part of the photo you want to remove, it will ‘paste’ from the scope.

3) You can also switch between scope and brush by holding the ‘Option’ key while in brush mode. This makes ‘copying’ and ‘pasting’ faster because you can hold Option, click the part of the photo you want to copy, release option and then click the part of the photo you want to remove.

Can I save a set of filters as an effect?

Yes of course! At anytime, scroll all the way to the left and click + Add. This will create a new custom effect on the current set of filters. You can even include drawings from the mask. 

In addition, you can go to File - Export Effect and share the effect with someone. If someone sends you an effect, you can go to File - Import Effect to add it.

One last thing, when you put your mouse over any effect, there is a star. Clicking the star adds the effect to your ‘favorites’ section so you can quickly go through your favorites.

Can I change the font and color of text?
Yes! Click “Customize” on the text layer and you’ll see so many ways you can customize the text. From adding a shadow to curving the text to changing the color of the text or background. 

Any other questions? Feel free to email us.

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