Photo journal n°1 : why did I start taking photos

I’ve been sick for a few days now so I have decided to take it easy. This post contains photos that I took over winter and explanations of why I started photography in the first place.

Winter in Poland is very grim. The sun comes out once a decade and only for a few hours. You need a will of steel to go out but once you’re out…well it’s definitely not worth it but you do get to feel the melancholic vibes of the city.


This is the way I go through whenever I want to get somewhere. I like strolling through this little pathway as it is very relaxing ( despite the fact that it’s located between two cemeteries). This photo was taken on a foggy day which gives it an eerie feeling.


This photo was taken in a park. I remember that my hands were freezing from trying to take a decent photo. I took around fifty and somehow only two are presentable.

I am not good at photography but it never bothered me. Afterall, the reason why I bought my camera is the fear of a memory’s fleeting nature.

Most of the time, we only remember our life by most important moments, whether they’re sad or happy. But what about those modest moments, the unassuming parts of our past? So rarely they are remembered.
Is there a point to remember them? I’d like to think so.


Sometimes life doesn’t change drastically. It alters a bit each day until one day you’ll find yourself in a situation that is completely different from two years ago and you won’t know how you got there. Taking photos has allowed me to document it all. This way, they can serve as a replacement for my, particularly bad memory.


It is ultimately fun to take pictures especially when you force your friends to be your models. Also, all the walking and exploring places just make you forget about all the troubles in the world.


As I took more pictures, the aesthetic part of photography began to intrigue me. My primary goal is still to capture the moments in my life. But the satisfaction you get from taking an aesthetically pleasing photo is no joke.


I love a good contrast of hues, a harmony of colors or a perfectly symmetrical frame. Photos à la Wes Anderson get me all worked up inside. I also love a splash of red on a neutral background which explains my passion for those deep red sunsets. The real tragedy is that I never manage to capture their full beauty.


However, as I started wanting to get better at photography, I also started to become much more critical of myself. And yet, it was an activity that was supposed to be relaxing. So I need to take a step back and remember to have fun in experimenting.

Well, this post turned out to be more introspective than I intended it to be. I did enjoy the freedom of writing whatever I wanted. This could be a good palate cleansing once in while.

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